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7 Ways to Stay on Budget in 2019

Posted by Kristin Perissinotto on 8/12/18 5:30 PM
Kristin Perissinotto
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You might be planning to stick to a budget in 2019, and have grand plans of spreadsheets and shopping bans. Sticking to a budget can be tough, but today we have seven top tips to help you stay on budget in the new year, and beyond!

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1. Start fresh

Look at your existing budget and make changes based on what did and did not work for you in the past year. If something didn't work, you are better off changing things than trying to push through.

2. Plan small rewards

It's hard to stick to a budget when there's no end in sight, or your goals are long term. Planning small rewards for yourself will help you carry on throughout the year. The reward may be a small treat after dinner every now and then, or it might be completely free, like a Saturday afternoon to yourself.

treat reward

3. Change your language

Often the hardest part of sticking to a budget is feeling like you're missing out on things. Instead of thinking to yourself 'I can't buy that', think 'I won't buy it', or 'I don't need to buy it'. It's a small thing, but can make a huge difference.

4. Share your goals

Telling a friend or family member what your financial goals are can be fantastic for accountability. Confide in at least one person, and if you feel yourself losing motivation, give them a call or text to remind yourself why you wanted to budget in the first place.

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5. Always use a list

Whether you're going grocery shopping, buying new furniture, or picking up clothes for a new job, always bring a list! This will keep you on track, and ensure you don't go overboard. It will also save you buying items you already have at home!

6. Keep track of every purchase

Get into the habit for writing down every time you make a purchase. This will not only allow you to see what your spending and where, but it may actually deter you from spending frivolously.

DIY reuse recycle

7. Reuse and recycle

Reusing and recycling are great ways to make use of what you already have at home. Some ideas include painting an old a set of drawers, or distressing an unworn pair of jeans. Surf the web for more ideas that will provide you with a fun, free activity, and give you what feels like a brand new item!

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