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6 Rules for a No-Spend Month

Posted by Kristin Perissinotto on 22/01/19 5:18 PM
Kristin Perissinotto
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When taking part in a no-spend month, it is important to set parameters and rules for yourself before beginning. As we all know, failing to plan is planning to fail. Below are six rules to follow when starting a no-spend month.

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  1. Keep your goals close. When the month gets tough and you start to lose steam, it’s important to have your goals handy so you can be reminded why you’re doing the challenge. Set a picture of your goals as your phone screensaver to have a constant reminder.
  2. Learn lessons. Try not to simply cruise through the month, instead keep track of the habits and changes you make throughout, and take note of the ones you want to hold on to. One might be skipping your bought snack in favour for something you baked yourself.
  3. Make a wish list. It might become difficult and limiting to constantly feel as though you are missing out on purchases. Make a wish list of everything you wanted to buy during the month, and revisit it later. You will probably find that most of the items you no longer want at all!
  4. Plan activities. Activities don’t have to be expensive. Be sure to plan regular activities to help keep yourself on track. You might discover some fun, free things that you will continue to do throughout the year.
  5. Don’t tempt yourself. Think it might be fun to window shop on your weekend? Think again! The easiest way to avoid temptation is to do exactly that - avoid it. Try not to put yourself in any situations where you may be tempted to spend unnecessarily.
  6. Tailor your rules. You will probably find a huge amount of different rules when it comes to a no-spend month. For example, some people will say it is okay to spend on toiletries, and others won’t. Make sure to tailor the rules for you.

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